The knowledge and policy summer school

Are you researching in social or public policy? Governments
> everywhere claim that they are making policy based on evidence. Our
> research project has been scrutinising the policy-knowledge
> relationship and we have developed resources that you may find
> helpful. The Knowledge and Policy Summer School [1] will provide
> support to PhD students wishing to study the relationship between
> knowledge and policy across Europe.
> This is a competitive call. Successful applicants will be awarded a
> grant to cover their travel and accommodation costs. Applications
> should include a brief CV, the preferred sessions (selected from the
> list below) and a one to two page argument explaining the
> relationship
> between the [UTF-8?]applicant’s research interests and the summer [UTF-8?]school’s
> objectives as reflected in the description of the sessions below. See
> also the guide for applicants page 2.
> The summer school offers young researchers a forum to deepen their
> academic skills and extend their networking. The methodology for the
> summer school requires each participant to act as a discussant for
> one
> session: each participant will be assigned a specific paper that
> he/she will present and discuss, in relation to his/her own work.
> The three day summer school will include two days organized around
> thematic sessions with active participation from all participants. On
> the third and final day, the programme will be completed by lectures
> on the role of knowledge in the construction of education and health
> policy across Europe.
> The summer school will be held in Brussels, at the _Fondation
> Universitaire_, Rue [UTF-8?]d’Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels. It will start at 10
> am on Wednesday 21 September and will end at 5 pm on Friday 23
> September. Information about possible accommodation will be sent to
> successful applicants in good time. The summer school will be held in
> English.