Áprilisi kvalitatív kutatásmódszertani kurzusok a University of Oxford szervezésében

 Az alábbi két, University of Oxford által szervezett áprilisi kurzust ajánljuk a kvalitatív kutatásmódszertan iránt érdeklődők számára:


7-11 April 2014 FILLING FAST!

This one week course is aimed at health professionals, researchers, and postgraduate students with little or no understanding of qualitative research methods. Everyone is welcome, regardless of research background. The course aims to provide hands on practical experience of different qualitative methods including in-depth interviewing, focus groups and ethnography, as well as practice in analysing qualitative data. It is particularly suited for people who are starting work on a project with a qualitative dimension, doctoral students at the beginning of their projects or those who are thinking about using qualitative research methods.  The course also provides a useful introduction/refresher for researchers, academics, or managers who are supervising students or staff doing qualitative research projects.




29-30 April 2014 BOOK NOW!

This two day course is aimed at researchers who are planning to undertake or manage qualitative research using in-depth or semi structured interviews or those who have already collected qualitative interview data which they are unsure how to analyse.  It aims to introduce the principles and practice of qualitative interview data analysis, with particular emphasis on thematic analysis techniques. It uses a combination of practical workshops, group discussions and formal lectures. The course will also give an overview of other approaches to qualitative analysis. 


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