Májusi kvalitatív kutatásmódszertani kurzusok a University of Oxford szervezésében

  Az alábbi, University of Oxford által Május 14-15. időszakban Dr. Jenny Hislop vezetésével szervezett kurzust ajánljuk a kvalitatív kutatásmódszertan iránt érdeklődők számára:

Analysing Qualitative Interviews

Course Content

The course will include sessions focusing on the principles of qualitative data analysis with particular emphasis on thematic analysis. Demonstrations, practical exercises and small group work will be used extensively to develop participants’ skills in coding interview data and in constructing broader categories to conceptualise the data using the OSOP (one sheet of paper) technique.  Feedback sessions will help improve understanding.  The course will also give a brief overview of other analysis approaches and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will:

-      have an understanding of the principles of qualitative interview data analysis with particular emphasis on thematic analysis

-      understand the stages in the analytical process

-      have gained practical experience of coding, categorising and conceptualising qualitative interview data using a thematic analysis approach.

-      be aware of other approaches to qualitative data analysis

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