Kozjek-Gulyás Anett: The value system, life goals and world views of rural middle class in present day China

ISSN 2415-9719
Kozjek-Gulyás Anett
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I performed a one moth pilot study research in Qinhuangdao, China. Qinhuangdao is a small town of 5 million people in Hebei province, 300 kilometers from Beijing, on the shores of the Bohai bay.

The survey consisted of 9 research sections, these are the following in order.

1. Human behaviour

2. The center of the world

3. Human trust

4. Trust toward social institutions, satisfaction

5. Happiness, human relationships

6. Human values

7. The purpose of life

8. Sociodemographic background: sex, age, education

9. Balance of the different parts of life